Indicate Low Testosterone Levels


If you find that you are suffering from symptoms of depression as you age and other issues like lack of sleep, dropped libido, irritability are also effecting you, then in all probability you suffer from a lowered testosterone level. Men going though menopause are just as likely to suffer from depression as women are. Some of the more common depression signs are anger, irritability, aggressive behavior and even violence. Some other men may simply keep to themselves and stop socializing. Not talking to others, crying often and wanting to drink all the time can also indicate towards a bout of depression. Many men may also experience appetite loss and find it difficult to concentrate on things. However, while it is natural for testosterone levels to drop as you age, it is not natural to be depressed as you age.


Indeed one must seek out help here rather than continue to wallow in the problem. Keep in mind that as soon as you visit a doctor and seek out help for this problem, the better it is. Indeed it does help to try and stay active and keep interacting with people. Finding a hobby is also known to work well in keeping depression at bay.

Lowered testosterone causes depression but this does not mean that this depression cannot be fought off. While there are pills to help keep ones moods elevated, these should not be resorted to unless the problem is very severe. Simply keeping a control on the negative thoughts and staying busy doing productive jobs will help combat the problem.

Low testosterone symptoms vary quite a lot, but a few common ones are fatigue, low sex drive, irritability and even lowered bone density. Indeed if depression comes along with these signs then in all likely hood, the cause is lowered testosterone and seeking medical intervention is highly advisable in this case.

Sometimes one may miss out on the signs of depression and continue to fall further into this deep well. Indeed it does help to have friends and family around who can spot things. However there are also several questionnaires available that will help you judge if what you are going through is simply a sad feeling or full blown depression.maxresdefault

Those who do suffer from depression disorder need to take their dropping testosterone levels very seriously. This will not to doubt trigger off the depression and one must be prepared to fight it off. Keep in mind that even men who were not depressed earlier tend to fall prey to it when aging.

There are several reasons as to why a person may fall prey to depression. Retirement leaves one with a lot of time on ones hands and not having much to do does make one feel useless and sad. It is important to catch the symptoms of depression early so as to be able to fight the problem in time.


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